When the interior of your restaurant is dated, feels dingy or cramped, or simply needs some TLC, the business can suffer. Spending time and money renovating and updating your restaurant's appearance can quickly pay off in improved revenue since customers may be more likely to come back to your restaurant once they love how it looks and feels. Here are a few tips for renovating your restaurant while minimizing the disruption to your business:

It's Probably Best to Close Temporarily

Sometimes restaurants are so afraid of lost income during a renovation that they attempt to keep the restaurant open and just renovate one small section at a time. This is rarely the right approach since it means your renovations will take much longer and in the meantime, your customers will have to deal with everything from limited parking to construction noise.

A better way to handle this situation is to close your restaurant for a week or so and have your contractors work hard to get the renovations completed all at once in a shorter timeframe. Customers will understand and most likely be excited to see the transformation when you re-open. 

Rent a Commercial Dumpster

Renting a commercial dumpster is a good idea because it means you and your contractors will have plenty of space to neatly get rid of construction debris and waste. If you instead attempt to stack up the waste and then haul it off one load at a time, your project will be slowed down and your neighbors (both commercial and residential) may even file a complaint as they watch trash stack up.

A commercial dumpster is typically larger than a residential roll-off dumpster to accommodate your needs. Your dumpster rental company will even drop off and remove the dumpster to save you and your team precious time as you attempt to get your renovations completed as quickly as possible.

Communicate with Customers and Neighbors

It's never a good idea to spring a renovation project and closed restaurant on your customers or neighbors. Be sure to have signs made explaining that the restaurant will be closed temporarily for renovations. Go around to give your neighbors a head's up so they know what to expect. Use your website and social media to further communicate about the renovations. The renovations can even be used as a marketing tactic, especially if you plan a grand re-opening celebration after the work is complete.

Letting these tips guide your restaurant renovation project will ensure a streamlined process that allows you to reopen your updated space as soon as possible.