If it's been a while since you cleaned your yard, it might be time to remove the trash. It doesn't take much for debris to build up around your home, especially when you're too busy to monitor things. Unfortunately, debris and trash can bring a variety of problems, which is why now might be the perfect time to rent a dumpster and hire a trash removal service. Here are just four problems you face when clutter gets out of control in your yard. 

Unexpected Guests 

If you've got clutter and trash building up in your yard, those unexpected guests could begin arriving any day. In fact, they could already be hiding in the shadows. Those unexpected guests include rats, mice, and roaches. These types of pests are attracted to debris, since it provides much-needed food and shelter. Unfortunately, you might not realize you have a pest infestation until you start clearing away all the clutter. Hire a trash removal service to help clear things out so you can get rid of the pests. 

Unpleasant Odors

Depending on the type of debris and trash that's building up in the yard, you could be dealing with some unpleasant odors. It doesn't even have to be food garbage from inside the house. Debris such as rotting fruit and vegetables from your most recent harvest can leave your yard with a distinct odor. Stagnate motor oil and engine fluid can also leave your yard with a hint of unpleasant odors. You can eliminate the odors by investing in a trash removal service as soon as possible. 

Unwanted Injuries

One of the more serious problems you face if your yard is filled with debris is the increased risk of unwanted injuries. You or your children can trip over the debris or even bang into sharp edges, especially if the debris is out in the open. Those types of injuries can be particularly dangerous, especially if breaks or infections occur as a result. You can protect yourself and your family by hiring a trash removal service to clear out your yard. 

Unhappy Neighbors

If you have neighbors, you want to keep them happy. After all, problems with neighbors can affect the peaceful enjoyment of your home. Unfortunately, if you have trash and debris building up in your yard, your neighbors may be downright unhappy with the situation. You can calm neighbor relations by removing the trash that's built up in your yard.

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